The Broadoaks School offers a challenging and supportive environment where children explore, question, and create.

Broadoaks teachers are committed to bringing the school’s strength-based philosophy to life in every classroom lesson and to nurturing every child’s emerging competencies, problem solving skills, creativity, and confidence.

Broadoaks capitalizes on children’s personal interests, curiosity about their world, and their natural developmental penchant for becoming increasingly more independent and competent. Broadoaks is a strength-based, not a deficit-based school. We believe that our personal interactions with the children within indoor and outdoor environments designed to promote learning and cooperation are the basis for teaching and learning at every grade level.

Technology Philosophy and Practice 

Broadoaks gradutes excel in their technology skills when they move on to high school. They know how to take maximum advantage of the hardware and software available to them at home and at school. They can make iMovies, use Garage Band, create PowerPoints, post course-related information to online bulletin boards, collaborate on the development of position papers using document sharing, use social media responsibly, create web pages… the list goes on and on. Most importantly, they are quite good at locating and evaluating information they find online. They ask critical questions about the sources of information and search out opposing points of view. They know how to incorporate online material into their essays and reports without plagiarizing.