Fall Student Council

WHITTIER, Calif. (December 13, 2018) —

Fall Student Council members have been very busy this fall with events such as Red Ribbon Week and the Holiday Auction, spirit week, as well as our annual sock and food drives. 

Thank you to all for participating and making this year’s Socktober such a success! Socktober results are in!  As a school, we were able to collect 529 pairs of children’s socks, 190 pairs of men’s socks, and 138 pairs of women’s socks for a grand total of 857 pairs of socks!  The socks have been donated to First Day, a local shelter in the Whittier community.They were so pleased and thankful for the donation! 

Our holiday food drive ends this Friday—thank you for your continued generosity each and every year. Food will be donated to a local food distribution center serving needy and homeless families.

Congratulations to the Fall Student Council members for their leadership and community service.  We look forward to Spring 2019 Student Council elections for fifth through eighth graders.  

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