2018 Summer Program Shark Dissection

WHITTIER, Calif. (July 5, 2018) — We kicked off the first two weeks of our Summer Program with sea life and sharks. We were so excited to have the opportunity to work with Broadoaks’ favorite scientist, Dr. Vann Priest, Dean of Math and Sciences at Rio Hondo College, again this year!  Students explored and researched different ocean animals and learned more information about this vast underwater habitat.  Students also focused on one particular sea creature, the dogfish shark, discussing the internal and external body parts to prepare for the culminating activity. Preschool through middle school ended the two-week academy with dissection and exploration of the dogfish shark. Students in grades two through eight had the opportunity to cut and dissect on their own under the guidance and direction of Dr. Priest and the Broadoaks teachers.  Students in grades preschool through first grade watched intently as Dr. Priest and the Broadoaks teachers cut open the sharks, and then had the chance to examine, touch, and hold different parts and organs.  Preschool found a fish inside one of the sharks and kindergarten/first-grade students bravely held parts like the heart and eye. What an amazing and unforgettable experience for all of our student scientists!

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