2018 Broadoaks Summer Musical Theatre Academy

WHITTIER, Calif. (August 3, 2018) —

We celebrated the eighth season of “Broadoaks on Stage,” our summer musical theatre academy, with an awesome performance of Disney’s The Jungle Book. Students in grades kindergarten through eight brought life to favorite characters, such as Mowgli and Kaa, the snake, as they told the story of The Jungle Book with their fantastic costumes, acting, singing, and dancing. Special guests Ruth B. Shannon and Whittier College’s Dean of Faculty, Darrin Good, and all of the audience members were once again completely amazed and in awe of what the children were able to accomplish in only 10 days! We are always so impressed with the Broadoaks children’s willingness to learn, their eager spirits, and the speed with which they adapt and learn in such a short amount of time. Thank you to musical theatre director, Shannon Wallace. A BIG THANK YOU to the fantastic Broadoaks teachers and staff, especially lead choreographer, Courtney Schlickenmeyer, and assistant choreographer, Veronica Vartanian. Thank you to all of our families for your continued support and a special thanks to the Ruth B. Shannon Center Team for the use of the beautiful space each and every year. “Broadoaks on Stage” would not be possible without our entire village!


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