2016 Advanced Practicum

WHITTIER, Calif. (January 5, 2016) — Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.55.31 PMEach year Broadoaks hosts students from the advanced teaching practicum course, one of two capstone courses in Child Development. Our practicum students bring lots of enthusiasm and new ideas to our classrooms. Members of the Broadoaks faculty serve as their mentor teachers in the classrooms. Judith Wagner and Kori Vartanian are the instructors for the course, with guest instructor Agnes Vasquez. Judith, Kori, and Agnes observe the practicum students each day to provide additional supervision and guidance. (And, at the same time, Judith, Kori, and Agnes also have daily opportunities to observe Broadoaks students during academic instruction.)

As the Whittier College laboratory/demonstration school, Broadoaks is privileged to provide this advanced practicum experience for seniors majoring in child development. Many of them will begin their professional careers working with children and families soon after their graduation in May. We are delighted to have 15 Senior Practicum students with us for the month of January.

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