About Us/Welcome from Director

Brodoaks BuildingFounded more than a century ago, The Broadoaks School is a truly unique place, renowned for its outstanding educational programs; its extraordinary teacher:student ratios; its positive, child-centered approach; and the success of its graduates.

Located on the Whittier College campus, The Broadoaks School is a private, not-for-profit demonstration school serving approximately 380 children and families enrolled in preschool through middle school programs, including before- and after-school care.

The school’s experienced and dedicated faculty is the cornerstone of the school’s popularity and success. The curriculum emphasizes strength-based, active learning as the foundation for future academic success, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.

Several Whittier College professors also teach at Broadoaks in such subjects as philosophy, Spanish, and music. Graduate and undergraduate students contribute to the program as well, under direct supervision by Broadoaks master teachers.

Broadoaks teachers truly believe that all children can learn, all children want to learn, and all children want to document or demonstrate their learning. In this strength-based program, Broadoaks teachers begin with what children can already do, what they are already interested in, what they are passionate to learn about. Teachers use the strengths and interests as a springboard for teaching the grade-level curriculum, using Common Core and state guidelines as a framework.

Broadoaks aspires to have every child leave us saying and believing, “I like to learn. I always try to do my best. I am a good person. I contribute in meaningful ways to my family, my school, and my community. I am a responsible citizen of the world.”